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Solo in Cartolina – Summer 2018
10.000 postcards from Italian Designers to denounce deaths in the Mediterranean

Milano, July 10th 2018 – Solo in Cartolina – Summer 2018 is a campaign against death at sea. We want to forward 10.000 postcards to the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who said about migrants: “they will only see Italy on a postcard”. NGOs and closing harbours are two recurring themes of this Italian summer. Solo in Cartolina – Summer 2018 is a campaign launched by a group of young Italian creative talents, denouncing what happens offshore Italian coasts. We stand with those who are saving lives at sea.

The aim of Solo in Cartolina is  helping who risks to die at sea. This is a priority and a duty, regardless the different immigration policies. The obstruction of the rescue operations is a violation of the human rights. And this cannot be ignored.

The campaign involves the creative community, and aims to denounce what is happening in the Mediterranean Sea, taking a stand and raising awareness on the ONG’s roles. Through the creative effort on each of the postcards sent by our contributors, we shed a spotlight on this dramatic situation.

Solo in Cartolina – Summer 2018 is a call for creative fighters: designers and illustrators from all over the country. We want to gather 10.000 postcards, showing what is happening everyday in the Mediterranean Sea and then send them to the Italian Interior Minister.

Through different styles – such as vintage, trash or 90’s – we are recalling the traditional mood of a typical Italian summer, representing situations off or near the shore, with rubber-boats full of people on fire or orange lifebelts that float over the water. The postcards will be uploaded on the website and then printed and sent to Piazza del Viminale in Rome, the headquarters of the Italian Ministry of the Interior.


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